Monday, July 14, 2014

Arootsakoostik Music Festival

I anticipate this event ALL year and my heart breaks each time it's over. First and foremost, it gets me home to the County. Second, I get to hear some amazing live music and third...the scenery and all the beautiful people that gather and enjoy are so wonderful. For a look at Aroots in years past check out my blog posts from Aroots 2013 and Aroots 2012

I'll recap with some details of the weekend...

We're off to a late start. Both the beard & I had to work all day and the night before we had tailgated Lynard Skynard at the waterfront, so none of our stuff was packed. Poor planning, or living on the edge? That's your call. We finally hit the road by 7pm, but have to make a stop at wal mart for some supplies. We're a little sketched out by the possibility of meeting a moose in the middle of the road, but we both have our eyes peeled and kept a slow and steady pace.

Miss Chief is in for a longgg ride!
Finally reach our destination around 11pm. We lucked out and got to stay at my parent's camp on Eagle Lake. Normally, if we had rented a place like this, we would pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars. It was dark and late so we didn't get to do much. However, my folks left 2 fat lobsters and a fridge full of beer for us! We chowed down on some seafood and called it a night.

I was up early to enjoy a quick dip in the lake before we had to take off for the festival.

The water that morning was like glass
Arrived in New Sweden around 9:30am to set up my hoop boutique.

People started arriving pretty steadily throughout the day. Kids and adults came and hula hooped with me. A highlight was one lady that came up to me and said she could never hoop until she tried one of my hoops last year. And then she went home and tried a child's hoop from wal mart and couldn't do it! I explained the magic of the slow flow adult hoops. I love converting non-believers!

Connected with Sally Bateau and was able to trade a hula hoop for some of her handmade soap, perfume and lip balm! They are absolutely delightful. She has an etsy page and can ship. She also does really unique wedding favors. Check her out. You won't want to use anything else.

In between all the hooping and music I got to sneak away for a yoga session with Ydalir Yoga. My back was starting to hurt from standing all day and this helped so much! There is something about doing yoga outside that is so calming. Even with all the distractions of people walking by and the music, I felt completely zoned. It's been about a year since my last instructed yoga class and I forgot how much I absolutely love it. I might make it a mission to start taking classes regularly.

Closed up the hoop shop later in the evening, around 7, so that I could relax and enjoy the rest of the music. Left to make it back to the lake in time to visit with my family. I wasn't much for company though, I ended up passing out cold.

Woke up early after sleeping like a rock. Jumped in the lake and then made a fire in the pit. My Dad showed up with lunch and took me for an amazing boat ride. What a way to clear the mind!

It was hard to leave. If only life could stay on pause for a little longer and I could stay in this camp tucked away on the side of this beautiful lake. If only...

Thanks for another incredible year Aroots. The organizers, the volunteers, the musicians and everyone that made it possible! It's one of my favorite places on earth & I am already counting down the days to next year.

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