Saturday, July 5, 2014

hookahs & hoops

I scored some photos from Amy's iphone of my showcase during the pride art walk~
making my classic concentration face

first time performing with a mini hoop!

this was the most fun i've had hooping for a crowd!

And I didn't get any photos from spinning doubles, but that was a first also.
it was so much fun and added an exciting element to my show!!

It's been a really productive month at my new job. I'm loving it. The days and weeks have been flying by. This year is already half over!! I look back and reflect on things and I feel like this is a huge turning point for me. On Thursday I had an awesome time just roaming around Bangor with Amy for drinks-oysters-hoops-hookah-fun times!! For more of a foodie point of view check out my post on our Happy Hour Bangor Blog.

half a dozen to the face. judge me!

herbal tea and tobacco

drinking strawberry margaritas in the middle of the street

& this is how we ended happy hour

strawberry margarita @ 11 central

we shamelessly took so many hookah bar selfies. sorry/not sorry

Thanks for being so cool Bangor. You are an exciting little city to watch grow. I am glad to be settled here. There are plenty of bumps in the road all around, but I see so much potential. I can't wait to share some news about a project I've been working on at the homeless shelter. the ideas and opportunities are flowing and feel endless. I love going to work and getting to be creative. ~more on that later~

Saw some beautiful fireworks from the parking garage at the casino. I felt so close to them, they were literally right over my head. it was pouring rain but the garage kept us dry.

Crossing my fingers that the sun will come out so I can go for a swim this weekend. I'll be vending hoops at Aroots next Saturday. More to come on that.

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~ Happy Hooping ~

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