Monday, July 16, 2012

Arootsakoostik Music Festival

I still feel as though I am adjusting to life back in Maine after my hiatus on the road for a couple months. I think I find myself adjusting back to the daily grind of work, cooking, cleaning, having fun, and being a real human being. Many days I want to be invisible, but I'd say a majority of them are being slowly conquered.
 In order to restore myself as a real member of society, I've had to find some work. And this time I would not let myself apply for any position that I've had in the past (i.e. waitress. and/or cashier.) I managed to get myself a pretty sweet job selling advertisements for my favorite paper The Maine Edge. I am just starting my second full week and I've made two sales in that time. Not sure if its beginners luck or what, but hopefully I can get a knack for this.
I've also been having plenty of fun in the midst of this journey to becoming myself.
Arootsakoostic Music Festival
Jacob Augustine nearly silenced the crowd with his powerful vocals
I'd been anticipating this festival since I heard about it a few months back. I must have been somewhere across the country, but I was so drawn to this home grown type of event in my very own backyard. I think it is safe to say just about everyone there had an amazing time, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.
 I arrived to Thomas Park in New Sweden in the afternoon. Got great parking thanks to the lovely gentlemen that had been standing near the gate and seemed to know the lot pretty well. I found a couple of my buddies AJ and Jeremy. AJ is one of my oldest friends to be honest. We've sort of drifted and lost touch over the years but it was truly so good for my soul to reconnect with him. It isn't easy constantly being surrounded by people that really have no idea where I've been, what kind of life I've had. It's nice to have a little solidarity with someone.

We drank whiskey and PBRs in the lot and trekked around the park with my hula hoops. The music was incredible, and the organizers of the fest did a GREAT job at finding talented artists. It was nice to hear a lot of the musicians complimenting the scenery and the small town vibe. I just felt so welcomed. For a complete line-up of the performances check out the facebook page. I will definitely do my best to catch some of these performers around the state sometime this summer.
 It was like every hippy in northern Maine came out to play that day. Check out the video above to hear a short clip of Augustine's voice. It sent chills down my spine.
 Okay so other than that amazing one day festy I've been filling my free time with something new. I've taken a big liking to being the passenger on a Harley. I never thought riding a motorcycle would interest me, but it's so liberating! And I've always had a little need for speed since my dad raised us on four wheelers and snowmobiles. It's one of the best ways to cruise around the open vast lands of Maine.
Also, red neck gatherings in Maine are always a GREAT time. The food is the best, there is always plenty of food to go around and always something a little wacky.

The host of the party filled her pick up with water to make a swimming pool. She hung up twisted tea banners and handed out teas to everyone that got in the pool. We had someone snap a photograph and I guess she's going to send it in and see if we can get on the label. It was the most fun I've had out in the boondocks in a while. If you're from Maine you should experience this type of living.

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