Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Eagle Lake Sporting Camps

Tricia & Matt at camp!

During my trip to Eagle Lake last week my dad took us to lunch at the Eagle Lake Sporting Camps. This place was pure magic! Apparently there is a road to get to these camps but many people travel there by boat for lunch and dinner. It felt so off grid and cool! We pulled up to the dock and our server/cook for the day ran down to welcome us. Our server brought us a menu and we ordered appetizers and food, and Alan the owner poured us drinks. In the next room there was a pool table and fuse ball, which of course we had to have a few rounds. (My winning streak in fuse ball came to a swift end on this afternoon, but that's another story..) Alan brought us around for a quick look at the cabins that are for rent on the property. We ate our appetizers outside and then our lunch was ready for us inside. It felt like we were special guests. It was the most beautiful experience! And it was my sister's 25th birthday <3

Eagle Lake Sporting Camps

All of the cabins had cute names, like the Eagle's Nest.

The view from Eagle Lake Sporting Camps

Lunch at camp!

When we first walked in this is where we ordered drinks and food. Alan, the owner gave us a nice tour of the cabins. We ate appetizers outside overlooking the lake and then ate inside a dining room in another cabin. The food was fresh and delicious!

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