Friday, May 6, 2016

A Review: Timber Kitchen & Bar

House-Made BBQ Sauce, Sweet Red Onion Jam, Wood-Fired Chicken, Smoked Cheddar, Artisan Buratta, Cilantro
My sister, her roomie & I all found ourselves with new jobs around the same time – so we wanted a special evening to celebrate! We decided on Timber Kitchen & Bar. This was my second time visiting this new eatery, and I was excited to explore more of the menu.

The Food

My first visit to Timber was with my boyfriend this winter. He and I split an order of mussels for an appetizer. They were incredible. They were served in a grainy mustard broth, and our server even brought us another basket of bread to soak up the delicious juices. I ordered a seafood entrĂ©e, some kind of white fish (I’m drawing a blank, can’t remember exactly what it was.) It was a nice healthy option I didn’t have to feel guilty about eating, but the flavor was a bit lacking for me, so I wouldn’t order it again.

This next visit I knew I wanted to sample more of the menu options, so I stuck with a small timber salad (which was just right!) and ordered a couple of appetizers to share. We split the artichoke dip. The dip’s consistency was a bit thin/soupy for my liking; I like a dip like that to be thick, much easier for scooping. Nonetheless we still devoured all of it!

Spicy Tomato Jam, Hearth Baked Bruschetta Toast
The wood fired wings were very yummy- in my opinion you can never go wrong with wood fired flavors! The Bourbon Honey Glaze flavor was really good. I would have liked a few more wings on the plate, but I guess this is good for sharing between 2 maybe 3 people, if everyone wants to sample 1-2 wings. Sister and roommate had ordered a wood fired pizza and a nice big salad. The salads were fresh and the pizza (though I didn’t try any) looked amazing.

Bobbie & the Chicken Caesar
Grilled Free-Range Chicken, Crisp Romaine, Olive Oil Baked Croutons, Creamy Caper Dressing
Oh – how could I forget? I also ordered a side of truffle fries- amazing!

The Vibe

The restaurant itself is something you want to see. The website has some really beautiful photos. I love the furniture, the ambiance, the beautiful white marble bar. You have the option of dining at the bar, where you can watch the chef prepare food.

We had so much fun sitting outside on this particular night. It was a warm night in Bangor, especially for early spring. We sat right next to the fireplace on the patio.

Even Mr. Bentley had fun, with his kids menu and crayons -- he loved talking about "Tall" Bunyan!

The Service

Really spot on – our drinks were never empty and everything we requested was met with satisfaction. I noticed a lot of good teamwork as well – people other than our server clearing plates off of our table, everyone pitching in to run food (doesn’t appear that they use food trays). The wait staff was eloquently dressed with long aprons, giving off a professional and put together appearance.

The Price

You can expect to pay a bit more for your meal at Timber, but you can also expect that it will be well worth it. For the 2 appetizers, side of truffle fries, and timber salad I think I shelled out approximately $30, not including my tip. I think the 3 of us agreed that the price range was comparable to other establishments in or near downtown Bangor. You’re paying for a beautiful atmosphere, good food with beautiful presentation and professional service.

I did find it a bit odd that if you pay with a credit card that you need to fill in the tip before your card is run, so the server will see what you are leaving for a tip before handing your card back to you. If you’re a bad tipper then that may be a little awkward for you, but if you do your duty of leaving a proper tip then there should be no harm!

EDIT: My super cool Mom works for a bank and she has some input about the credit card stuff at Timber:

Great blog. I really want to go there. Regarding the cc. They must have the new cc system for use with the new V chip cards. All businesses will be using it eventually or they (the business will be at risk for fraud. Supposed to be safer for the consumer too. Google it. Kind of interesting.

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