Sunday, January 25, 2015

flupocalypse 2015 update

Being sick in bed with the flu for the last 3 days made me realize how much I take good health for granted. I'm still pretty sick, but it seems to be a bad cold at this point and I have moved on from the worst of it. I haven't been this sick since high school. I literally feel like I experienced a re-birth in some way, like I died and am slowly coming back to life- as ridiculous as that sounds, it's true! It's miraculous what the body can go through.

Update: After debating myself until early this morning I decided to stay home another day. Missing 3 days of work was not something I planned and I hate this feeling like I'm going to fall behind, but I know it was the right thing for me. I don't have the energy to go out in this storm. It's tough because I work at an Emergency Homeless Shelter so we do not close, ever. Luckily if I call out nobody has to replace me, as my job is essentially to make paperwork flow [among other things, but you get what I'm saying.]

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