Friday, March 21, 2014

Washington D.C. this time 2 years ago

Exactly two years ago I was at the first leg of my cross country trip. I was spending some time in Boston with family before taking off to D.C. to stay with my freshmen year of high school western civilization teacher. [ Original post is here. ] This time last year I was exploring D.C. completely by myself. Note I'm wearing a tank top and skirt...and yet here I am in Maine freezing my butt off expecting another snow storm tomorrow.

I just tracked my super top secret package from It is enroute for delivery on Tuesday! I've posted a few hints over on my facebook page. No guesses yet. A few close friends already know, so I can say this: quantities will be limited! I'll do an official unveiling when it arrives next week! Squeeee!!

I am super excited that it's the weekend. I plan on getting in on a round over at the hooping game. I owe the lovely miss Jazmine Jade a hit back.

Oh! And before I forget. My latest feature on was inspired by Yvonne Downing, a NJ native that picked up the hoop in her 50s and made a complete career change from it. She's down 20 pounds from hooping alone and loves to share the hoop with her granddaughter. [ Check out the story here. ]

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