Friday, March 23, 2012

it is better to travel well than to arrive..

WOW!!! ..WOW!!! It's hard to really even put into words how grateful I feel. I have been having the time of my life so far.

I left from Boston around 8am on Wednesday and got into D.C. around 5pm. I made really excellent timing. honest. to. god. the drive from Boston to D.C. was easier than driving through the mountains of Aroostook county in a bad snow storm. not even lying. I didn't even hit any rush hour traffic, it was perfect.

My hosts here in D.C. have been MORE than gracious. I am so eternally grateful for all that they have done for me. They hooked me up with a metro pass and a key to their apartment and have been feeding me and showing me around and taking such good care of me. When I arrived Wednesday night Kip took me around to some of the sites before we met Jon for dinner at this amazing Italian place, Carmine's I believe. The portions were HUGE and the three of us were able to split two plates, be completely full AND have leftovers to take home.

Thursday I got up and had coffee and snuggled with their extremely cute cat and dog, and then took the metro to the Smithsonian. I spent the entire day poking around all of the museums, galleries and memorials. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and this is the 100th anniversary festival. After walking miles and miles and exploring all day I met Kip and Jon for dinner at Nellies. Had another delicious meal and hopped around to a few different bars with Jon. He showed me a great time in the city and gave me lots of really great advice about finding a career that would be a good fit for me. I feel so blessed to know such smart, amazing people.

This morning Jon and I took a walk to a coffee shop and had some breakfast. This afternoon I am hanging out with a sleepy cat and dog taking it easy after a night out. My time in D.C. has been amazing and I really could not have asked for better people to stay with. My trip is off to such a great start. I actually didn't mind the 8 hour drive and I am finding that I like being alone more than I thought I would. This life is great. The universe is opening it's arms to me and I am so lucky to have this experience. Tomorrow I leave for North Carolina. I'm excited, this is a state I haven't ever been to and I've heard wonderful things.

peace & love

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