Sunday, March 16, 2014

2 years of blogging, 9,000 views, & new hoops on the way!

Things have been quiet here on the hoop page but out of nowhere I noticed I hit over 9,000 views! I seem to have spread myself out over a few different writing projects and with a full time job it can get tricky to put equal amounts of love into everything! But all is well and the hoop life is still the GOOD life!

I actually have a few new hoop things in the works right now. Creative sparks kind of flew and also some networking is going down with other area hoopers! I'm pretty excited to put things into effect soon! I will post a hint over on my facebook page.... Be on the look out.

In other hoop happenings ~ am in the process of selling my LED hula hoop. I bought this hoop 2 years ago and we had a good run, but I am looking to downgrade in the size. The website I bought it from listed it as a sport weight hula hoop. It's a little too heavy for the type of hoop dance I want to do with a bright flashy LED. All the LED hoops that I am currently drooling over are about $300-$400. I can't get myself to spend that much but I'm hoping one day I can be a baller. *all of the details & photos of the hoop can be found on my hoop page.*

this month marks the 2 year anniversary for my blog and my road trip across the country. love having this blog to look back at the memories. it's been such a great ride. thanks for reading!

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