Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Hooping Game

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In my latest piece for I interviewed Jedediah Walls, creator of the hooping game on Facebook. He was full of insight about the media and how we so often use social networking to isolate ourselves. However, the hooping game is proving that we can use this tool for a positive spin on life - literally!

Since I have joined this game I have been dedicating a few hours a couple nights a week to new tricks, solidifying moves I already know, and dancing in the most ridiculous ways to an extreme variety of songs.

My challenges so far have been:

Pretty Lights
Beastie Boys
George Winston (Piano Instrumental)
adventure club
toderick hall (tough for me! it was a mash up)
sugar hill gang (another toughie)

This game gets me pumped about hooping again, without even leaving my living room! Although there is a time limit to post your challenge or hit back you can schedule your hooping time in your day however you'd like! For me, I like to do it at night after work while dinner is cooking.

I've been exploring new ways to move with my hoop...adding new transitions between's all been so inspiring. And people are nice! Everyone is supportive and completely loving. It's such an incredible thing to see. Check out the Hooping Game on Facebook

In reading some of the feedback from the players of the game I came across people that were all coming from different places but finding the same common ground within this game. Everyone is at different places in their journey. There are so many posts from hesitant people that want to join the fun...and once they drink the kool aid it's over....they're hooked.

It's all been pretty mesmerizing and humbling. I sincerely love everyone in this hooping game's a good virtual place to be!

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