Saturday, February 15, 2014

Emergency Smoothie

Emergency Smoothie

Everyone in my office got sick in the same week. There was a case of bronchitis, double ear infections, sniffles, coughs,'s all I could hear. Of course people went home if needed and made doctors when I would get sick. So I immediately did two things:
appointments to get better but there really is no avoiding the spread of germs. It wasn't a matter of if I would get was a matter of

1. Chugged several glasses of h2o with lemon and ginger

2. Blended up a bunch of ingredients that would help keep me healthy fighting off the sickness.

lemon juice 
cayenne pepper 
apple cider vinegar 
apple chunks 
mixed frozen berries berries 

I was a bit heavy on the cayenne pepper and it was pretty spicy. I nicknamed this the Bloody Mary of the smoothie world. I have to say: it seemed to have worked. I was starting to feel very slightly ill but my body seemed to ward off any real symptoms of a cold or other kind of bug going around. Here I am...completely knocking on wood. Winter isn't over...and I'll probably get a summer cold to make up for it, but I would check out some of these ingredients & their healing powers!

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