Thursday, January 2, 2014

from the flame from the fire of freedom

I did not want to get up today.

I've had way too much time off the last 2 weeks (not complaining!!! i love it.) but getting back to the groove today was hard. i try not to drink coffee on the reg because I don't like the feeling of being addicted to anything...and if I can avoid it I will try. But I'm sure caffeine addiction is coming...

The last couple of weeks have been really sweet. Getting to see family and old friends, all the awesome gifts, and having the motivation to really tackle clutter and messes that last year left behind. I'm trying to develop healthy routines, and I'm starting small hoping to work it into a complete lifestyle change (that's my round about way of saying I need to go on a diet and exercise more -- hello resolutions.)

with my class at the YMCA ending, I want to focus on my own hoop practice a lot more. teaching a class taught me so much about my own style and my personality. i can't wait to dive deeper into what I already know and see what it grows into.

on a brand new note: can I just say how lucky I feel that I don't have a job that entails working outside in frigid cold temps such as Maine's! There were some guys on the roof of my building today, clearing ice and snow off. All I could think about was how lucky I am to be sitting in a heated office with a hot coffee in my hands.

tonight: I'm simmering a pot of sauce on the stove and having some spaghetti.

this weekend I'm off to a wedding and I get to see a whole bunch of family. i think it's going to be great. just crossing my fingers the weather is on my side.

happy new year! happy hoopin..

PS. Over 8,000 views!! Thank YOU for reading!

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