Tuesday, December 3, 2013

returning to yoga

tonight i had a very important date with my yoga mat. after weeks of complaining about not being able to find a yoga class that fits my schedule and blah, blah, blah, I finally just rolled out my very neglected purple mat out in my living room. I'm so delightfully surprised that stepping onto the mat felt just as natural as it did when I was taking classes steadily. I was able to walk myself through an entire sequence of yoga stretches and postures.

Yoga is not just about going to a class. Having a cute mat. Wearing the pants. Yoga is following through with a commitment. It is a promise that I can make to my body and my spirit to practice being present and mindful. To actually roll up my mat and put it away properly instead of just tossing it aside to clean up later! Yoga is smiling at yourself in the mirror. It is taking time to observe the world around you...it's everyday things!

This realization tonight was the perfect welcome back that I needed to my physical and mental well being. I can do a really crappy job at taking care of myself sometimes. But it's okay. Because you can always come back to your yoga, hoop, dance, [whatever] practice when you are ready. :)

It felt so good for my body! the relief i felt from stretching out my muscles was heaven sent. i literally remember crying out "thank you god!"

Awesome story behind my yoga mat: I picked it up in California last year when I was traveling. I bought the mat and a few things, left the store and took a seat on a bench outside the store. I think I was making a phone call or something. I got up, got in my car and drove back to the apartment I was crashing at. It didn't take me long realize I left the mat on the bench! Panic a little bit. Call the store. Oddly enough someone had actually turned in the mat. That was when I knew...it was ~*destiny~*

Hoops for the holidays - Check out this post if you are looking a hula hoop for the hoola-daze. I'll be adding pictures of new hoops as they become finished!

Check back for some foodie stuff. I've been all about cooking light AND on a budget. That sh*t ain't easy!!! *~Peace~*

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