Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hoops for the Holidays!

I will be adding photos of available hoops to this page as I finish them.
Be sure to snag a hippy go lucky hula hoop this holiday season!

1/2 inch tubing *dance hoop*

3/4" tubing
39" diameter

3/4" tubing *water weighted*
38" diameter

3/4 tubing

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~1/2" tubing/Dance hoop: lighter weight, better for tricks, on and off body movements.
~3/4" tubing: one of my personal favorites. not too heavy, not too light, juuust right.
~With Water Weight: Adds extra weight to the hoop and allows for a slower rotation around the body.
~Without Water Weight: Less weight to the hoop, making it a little bit more of a challenge to keep the momentum going, but better for changing directions and current.

All hoops are strong, durable, handmade right here in Maine! Each hoop is unique. These will surely get you moving in a way you may have no moved in years! If you are like me and hate the treadmill or used to be shy to move your body in front of a crowd -- the hula hoop might be the dance partner you have been waiting for to change your life! Find your flow with a handmade hippy go lucky hula hoop!

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