Sunday, December 8, 2013

Foodies files: duck eggs for breakfast!

Thanks to Michelle, we scored a whole bunch of fresh ...DUCK...eggs! New to me..but free is always better in my opinion. Free and local. Here's a few facts I found from doing a bit of research on switching from chicken to duck eggs:
*It's better to use duck eggs when cooking gluten free. The extra protein in the whites can help the texture of the gluten free ingredients to moisten/thicken up better.
*Duck eggs have been a booming trend for chef's this year
*They are preferable for making cream and custard fillings
*They are almost always free range

So with an abundance of eggs in my kitchen, I found the perfect egg idea that would be saving me time and money in the morning. Win!!!

My ingredients: ham, chopped spinach, green peppers and mushroomies

I think I found this idea on from one of those pinterest things.
All I did was grease the muffin tins, add my ingredients and then crack the duck eggs into the pan.
I baked them in in the oven for about 20 minutes.
This experiment was okay, but next time I will try beating the eggs in a bowl before adding them to the muffin pan. The yolks in the duck eggs are HUGE and a little overwhelming to bite into, so I actually would flip the egg over and eat it from the bottom! :)

They were perfect for in the morning. I could eat it on a toasted english muffin or just by itself with my favorite egg topper: Thai sweet chili sauce! They made the perfect on-the-go breakfast. Instead of buying something from the drive-thru that sometime's doesn't even identify as an egg, I had eggs all ready to go in the morning. Do the work once and reap the benefits all week!

I thought I would include a few pictures of Michelle's babies. She's got some great shots of them that I stole from her FB page...

And for reference, I included this picture to show how HUGE the eggs can get. We actually can't even close the egg carton all the way- that's how big they are! They are a lot harder to crack too!! Thanks Michelle for the freshies.

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