Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bangor Dog Park

Miss chief making friends with an old Beagle
I spent this morning sipping on my mocha iced coffee and editing some photos from the dog park. I have learned that there are 2 subjects that are not particularly easy to snap photos of: dogs and little kids. Both are constantly moving, and that can generate a lot of blurry photos. But here are a few of my favorites:

The dog park has become somewhat of a key point in my "social" life these days. It's almost like anytime I go somewhere my first reaction is, "Can I bring the dog?" It is starting to get colder and visits have been less frequent, but I have really enjoyed bringing Mischief to play. She didn't get much interaction with other dogs when she was a puppy so playing is completely new to her. It's cool to watch her evolve from super shy to somewhat playful.

The park is located here in Bangor in the Essex Street woods. There are tons of little trails that lead to other little trails and a huge marsh. We have really enjoyed hiking around the park this fall.

The dog park is looking to expand it's territory in the next year. They recently held a silent auction. I'm hoping to donate a hula hoop to the next one. You can "like" the Bangor Dog Park on Facebook for more.

There is another lady that captures some really great photos of the dogs at the park. You can like her page, Meet me at the dog park and also check out her blog.

It's been a really great weekend. Yesterday we had breakfast and then poked around for over an hour in this Antique shop. I found a really cool gift for a friend, a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and the beard bought me a beautiful turquoise/sterling silver ring. And all of that was less than 20 bucks, can't beat that!

&& Just a couple updates before I end:

My recent column for Hooping.Org was published on Friday. It's a more in depth story on doing my first public performance at Nocturnem with the Haus of Paradigm belly dancers. You can check that out here:

Spinning Through Fear

Also, my father has been working REALLY hard on a project for the Fort Kent Lion's Club. In 2006 they printed a nude calendar to raise money for local charities. This year they have done it again, but this time it is a 24 month calendar and also includes some information/history about Fort Kent. The "models" in the calendar are all Lions Club Members ranging from the ages of mid 20s to 80s. They are all prominent community members that donated their time and ....bodies...for a really good cause. My Dad was quoted a few times in this Bangor Daily News Article, and I couldn't be more proud of my Dad!

Calendars can be purchased locally in Fort Kent and also by sending $24.95 to: 
Fort Kent Lions 
P.O. Box 28 
Fort Kent, ME, 04743.

Fort Kent Lions Facebook

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