Sunday, November 17, 2013

Normal wear and tear of a hula hoop

 Wrapping and decorating hoops is my favorite creative outlet. I love matching color schemes and finding new designs and patterns. I actually think that I have a tape obsession. There is a lot of variety and options these days.

We love our colorfully decorated, beautiful hoops. But we also love to whip them around our bodies, fling them over our heads and drop them a dozen times while practicing tricks.

I still have the first hoop that I ever got. It looks like it has taken a severe beating. I practiced so hard with that thing. If anything, it shows true signs of hard work within the hoop. Recently, I was asked by a new hooper about what the normal wear and  tear is like for a hula hoop.

The hoops that I make are known for being strong, durable and long lasting. The issue of snapping or breaking a hoop is unlikely. However, over time the hoop tape can wear out, fade and get scuffed. For those that are concerned about the beauty of their hoop, I do offer a protective clear coat of tape over the hoop to prolong life and lessen the chances for immediate damage/scrapes.

There are a few things you can do to avoid scuffing up your hoop.

*Avoid practicing on dirt/gravel/tar. The tiny rocks that can be found on these surfaces will surely scuff and warp the hoop tape over time.
*Grassy places, gym and carpeted floors are a few spots that come to mind that may be better than the above mentioned surfaces.
*Having an old, "beater" hoop is always an option. When trying something new or doing drills, use a hoop that you don't mind letting get beat up. Save your pretty hoops for when you are playing a little less hard.
*Avoid leaving your hoop in extreme weather conditions. Extreme heat can warp the shape of the hoop. Rain or excessive sun exposure can affect the vibrancy and durability of the tape.

Just remember: It happens. I would recommend not paying attention too closely to every scratch or scuff. It's just like having a new car. If you let every ding or tiny scratch bother you, you'll never enjoy your new ride. So pick a hoop that you are drawn to and get busy spinnin!

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