Friday, October 18, 2013

What Women Want Expo Bangor, ME 2013

Okay, so I'm almost a week late in posting this but better than never, right? And honestly, my sister and I had such a good time at the Expo it just wouldn't seem fair not sharing some of the great encounters I had with local business people.

Saturday morning was the perfect kind of day for a little outing with my sister. We met up and walked to the What Women Want Expo at the Cross Insurance Center. At the other end of the auditorium there was the Wild Maine Expo, with lots of snowmobile, motorcycle, hunting kind of stuff. I thought it was a great idea to have something that everyone could enjoy, men and women alike.

The expo was a bunch of local businesses that cater to women specifically. There were several local salons, candy shops, wellness centers, purses, live demos, and giveaways....LOTS of giveaways! We signed up for just about anything. Big screen TVs, hand bags, a nights stay at a hotel suit, and a bunch of awesome stuff like that. There was also a ton of free stuff up for grabs. We loaded up.

Highlights from my expo experience:

 Back in Balance Wellness Center
They had chiropractors and massage therapists on site. Dr. Robinson sat me down at a computer and put these sensors over my neck. The computer was able to measure how much tension I carry in my shoulders. He pointed out a few spots that could use some preventative care. Afterwards I got to sit down for an AMAZING 5 minute chair massage. She was a goddess. She started by asking me where I had some troubles/pain. I usually get a lot of lower back aches and as well as my jaw. She worked these incredible knots out of my back in minutes. I cannot wait to go see her when I get some spare cash. They gave me a few coupons for an introductory hour long massage for $40 and a $60 hot stone massage...which I have always wanted to try. And my birthday is coming up next month. *light bulb* I just got this vibe that they really genuinely cared about making people feel better. They were great.

 Anthony John's Day Spa
Although I didn't get too close to this booth because it was MOBBED I thought it was cool that they were doing waxing. The long was so long. Also got a coupon for $20 off any 50 minute massage and $25 off an 80 minute massage. 80 minute massage?! I think I would die and go to heave?

Fusion Hair Salon
If you signed up for their mailing list you got to spin their prize wheel. I ended up winning a grab bag with a bunch of goodies; nail polish, lotion, lip balm, tanning lotion, and hair conditioner. My sister won some free tanning sessions, so I gave the tanning lotion to her.

Athena's Home Novelties it's not for everyone! The whole "sex toy" thing. But apparantly the ladies are loving the 50 Shades of Gray stuff lately sooo, maybe more people are interested than you think! Ha! I remember going to an Athena party back in college. It's a great way to have some belly aching laughs with your girlfriends. I bought the cup cake shaving cream. It smelled heavenly. She rubbed lotions and perfumes all over us.

There was Stella dot jewlery, stuff about acupuncture, walgreens, lia sophia, hypnosis, pampered chef...just going through a pile of material that I got that day. It was seriously a great time. One thing was missing though............HOOPS! Hmmmmmm.

Thank you, Bangor. You showed the ladies what they WANT!

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