Monday, October 7, 2013

Current hoop stock!

My hoop inventory is low! This is due to the recent sales that I made in Fort Kent and new consignment deals. This is awesome! This means that people are spinning from Portland all the way to "the farthest reaches of Maine!" as Maria Randolph would put it!

I do still have a bunch of hoops. Many of them seem to be on the smaller side..I will have to take measurements/photos and  post  an update. I have hoops that are better for 1. Kids-Teens 2. People that want to hoop faster/hoop dance/do crazy ninja stuff 3. People that can already waist hoop. These are light weight and/or smaller in diameter. A very good cardio workout. 

I also have 2 that are BIGGENS and another 2 or 3 that are heavier but not as huge in diameter. I keep these guys around for class. They are slow flow and magic adult hoops that just about anyone can get going.

I can try to get an updated photo of available hoops.

...Anyway. The importance of this post is to share that:

I've had a few people inquire about custom hoops and/or buying a hoop in general. I have to keep a certain 
amount of hoops on hand for my class...but I will be purchasing supplies very soon! I hate to turn people 
away or disappoint. Some people are simple and don't really care about colors/size...etc. Some people are 
very selective. So I try to have enough hoops to cater to everyone's needs (Water weighted or not, tubing size and color schemes).

Alright! So hoop on! I'll be teaching at the Bangor YMCA tomorrow (October 8) at 4:15. We work on tricks, dancing, and meditating with the hoop. I'll have my entire selection so if you want a hoop be sure to stop in to see what I have!

I'll leave you to enjoy this super cute pic of my pit bull basking in the sun with my hoop!! I call her my little piggy because she makes these pig sounds when she is totally relaxed/sleeping. What a cuddle bug.

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