Friday, October 18, 2013

Miguels Mexican Restaurant // Bangor, Maine

My new. Favorite. Restaurant.

The thing is..I've been here a few other times before last night. And every time was really good. Delicious. Awesome service. And last night, when they completely nailed it, AGAIN, I decided enough is a enough. I have to dub this place my new favorite.

I was in the mood for Mexican. And it was Thursday. Which means 1 thing: Miguel's half priced pitchers of Margaritas. You have your choice of flavored or traditional and frozen or on the rocks. I always get the strawberry, frozen, with a sugared rim. You get about 4 drinks from this pitcher. I GULPED it. Got brain freeze. Doh!

They always bring chips and homemade salsa. The chips are fresh. The salsa is hot. I love a place that has complimentary munchies.

We decided to split the three meat fajitas and the Chicken Chimichanga. The fajitas consisted of marinated steak, chicken and shredded pork. I was blown away at the flavorful and tender the meat was. They serve it on a sizzling skillet over thinly sliced marinated veggies and on the side you get all the toppings: cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce, rice and reef friend beans. Our server even brought us more tortilla shells when we ran out.

The chimichanga was just as delicious. Huge and packed with yummies.

Okay. And then this happened: half price dessert. We decided to get 2 pieces of Mexican chocolate cake to go. Don't worry we shared one with some lady friends that are staying with us for the weekend!

They have really good weekly specials and a happy hour. I would check out their facebook page to stay current. Really good money saving deals. Gotta love that.

Owners: Whoever you may're doing it right. They promote the use of fresh, local, organic ingredients. They even have a roof top garden that they pick veggies out of in the summertime.

It's refreshing to see restaurants that actually care about the products they are putting out and the customers that are coming in to eat. That is a recipe for success.

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