Monday, October 21, 2013

Zombie Hula Hooping & Paraween at Nocturnem

I am really happy with some of my new hoops work. Thank You to everyone that has referred me to a friend or someone that might be interested in a hoop. Word of mouth is the best!

Top: Peace sign hoop
Bottom: Peacock Hoop
Galactic Purple Hoop

I realized the other day that I never make the same hoop twice. The only exception has been a few mini hoops that I've made with identical patterns. Each hoop is really one of a kind. I eventually want to make more mini hoops. I know I need a set for myself. They are so fun to manipulate, isolate and play with!!

I have a really sweet announcement!

I'll be doing my FIRST official hoop dance performance as Hippy Go Lucky Hoops at Nocturnem Draft Haus on Saturday October 6. Show starts at 7 I believe!! I don't even know...I'm not nervous right now but I feel like I am going to totally freeze up on stage or something! Hopefully not. I just want to have fun with it. There will be other performances too.

This is the same day as the Bangor Zombie Walk! I've been practicing some really creepy make up:

I plan to be a hula hooping Zombie. Hoping to get some hooper friends to join me. I'll end this post with this video I saw on Facebook last week:

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