Sunday, October 6, 2013

Flames of Hope

Flames of Hope
Local fire performers are spinning up something wonderful.
These kids are using their craft to better the community they live in.
Flames of Hope delivered a quality fire performance Saturday afternoon as part of Bangor's Oktoberfest.
They also ran a food drive & raffle. All proceeds were donated to local charity Manna Ministries. It was the perfect day to grab the Dog and head downtown for the show. I can really appreciate the art. Not only are the movements and tricks they are doing complicated, their props are on fire! It takes a lot of practice and skill to pull this off -- so don't try this at home! They roped off a section of performance space in West Market Square and had one spotter per fire spinner at all times. I'm hoping to catch more performances in the future. BRAVO!

Fire Poi

Chief was the perfect audience!

Miss Kim of Knotty Kim's Hemp

Fire Staff

Camera crew showed up to film/interview the performers

Lots of donation items

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