Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall in Fort Kent

You guys ready for some juicy fall foliage eye candy?

I spent a few days visiting northern Maine this past week. It was a much needed rest for my mind and spirit. Getting home a few times a year is always good for me. I always leave feeling like I wish I could split myself in half...and send half of myself to my life here in, working, paying bills. And the other half of me could stay in this magical place that is so far from city life. It's such a simple, beautiful place. Fall is my favorite time in Fort Kent.

A local salon owner was kind enough to invite me to bring a few hoops by her shop so she could test some out. She was great and got the hang of it instantly. She bought herself a shiny new hoop & offered to keep some for me on consignment! So if you missed me in Fort Kent and still want to pick up a hoop go check out Main Street Style and give them a spin!

I also visited my Dad at the bank he works at and he had me give a demo in the conference room. Almost everyone gave it a try and everyone loved it. I think it's fun to take a break from the routine of work and do something fun. Wish I could break up the work day like that for more people!

Got to spend some time with my grandmother. Ran into the lovely Jenna, got to see her awesome house and meet her husband. I always enjoy catching up with friends from my past.

My Mom accompanied me to Eureka Tavern to catch Jacob Augustine's last performance for a while. Travis Cyr was also performing. Those men, their voices, their instruments and their's such a great experience!

After the show I headed back to Fort Kent and met up with some buddies at the local watering hole. Eventually after a few beers I busted out the hula hoop on the empty dance floor. The thing about FK is that trends seem to always arrive very late in this part of the state. Hardly anyone was aware that hula hooping is "a thing" these days. The reaction was great. I honestly don't make much eye contact with the crowd because I don't want to be cocky and I'm really shy. But it's something I love to do, and if people enjoy watching me then it makes it that much better! Can't wait to do it again. Next time I am going to bring more hoops and get people to try.

On my last day in town I pulled my hungover self out of bed to hike down to Fish River Falls. This is one of my favorite spots in town. I sat and chilled for a long while. What a good place to soul search.

After my hike I headed to Eagle Lake and got to take a ride around the lake with my Mom and Dad. We had some lunch and I took off for Bangor. I'm starting a new job this week in a new field and I couldn't be more excited for a new direction. Wish me luck. Peace!

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