Friday, June 7, 2013

Tuesday Night Fitness Skate

@ Great Skates Bangor, ME 6:30-8:30pm
Cost: $6.50 to enter // additional $1.50 to rent skates/blades
Safety gear provided!

I have discovered my new favorite (besides hula hooping of course!!) way to exercise/have awesome child-like fun.  
Roller Skating!!!

I had no clue that fitness skate with the roller derby girls was going to be as intense as it was. I imagined some kind of free skate, laps around the rink kind of thing...for adults. They had me working and sweating and feeling frightened and incredible all at the same damn time!

We gathered in the center of the rink and started with planks, bicycles, push-ups and stretches. This was intense for me. I hadn't had any sort of rigorous work-out in a while. It felt so amazing.

The first activity we did was a partner weave. We had to line up in two rows, and skate in unison around the rink, with the last 2 people weaving in between the pair in front of them, until they reached the front of the line, and it would repeat. This was also pretty intense for me. They taught us to call "INSIDE" and "OUTSIDE" loudly, in order to communicate with one another. You really have to trust the other skaters and your partner.

We did some fast laps, squats, practiced skating backwards and a few other fun exercises.

What I loved the most was the encouragement that all of the derby girls were giving me as I trucked along. I was wobbly and totally ungraceful. They were cheering for me as I skated by. They told me I was doing great. They took the time to teach me some techniques and gave me tips on how to slow down, stop, and take corners. I learned so much from just watching them.

I encourage people looking for something challenging and fun to add to their fitness routine to check out fitness skate on Tuesday nights with the Roller Derby Girls!

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