Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A brief reflection

Class today went off without a hitch. I absolutely loved it! The ladies that came out were incredible. They all had waist hooping down pretty quick. We did an exercise where everyone got to try out a different hoop size. I had them playing with the space that exists between their body and the hoop. I'm so excited to plan some new things for next week. I'll be especially inspired after Anah's workshop this weekend.

After class I joined the Central Maine Roller Derby girls for a fitness skate session. I plan to write a bit more about this later...but wow. My body is not used to moving in such a way! What an energetic group of kick ass ladies. They were all so encouraging.

After a day of super fun workouts I'm completely spent. It feels so good!

Next up: a night of social networking at Coespace on Colombia with Fusion Bangor.

I'll leave you with a video filmed last summer in my yard. I hope to have some new footage filmed soon!

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