Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gather -- Eat -- Be Merry! 11 Central

A review by Hippy Go Lucky Hoops

You know a place is good when people are lined up waiting for tables.

The atmosphere at 11 Central is a quaint, small space that is really intimate and inviting. From the unique art work on the walls to the well crafted drinks at the bar...I knew I was in for a treat before I even saw any of the food.

My Mom & Sister were meeting me for dinner on a Saturday night. They always let me pick the spot. I've been dying to try 11 Central since it opened in late 2012. I made the smart decision (I've worked in restaurants long enough to know that walking into a place on a Saturday night and expecting to get seated right away is slim to none, especially downtown) to arrive early and put our names down for a table.

I found a seat at the bar while waiting and ordered a "Witchy Woman" a refreshingly crisp martini. The bartender was an artist. I could probably just have sat there all night watching all the concoctions he was making. He was super knowledgeable about all the food on the menu. He could rattle off anything you wanted to know about any of the wines. It was really impressive.

My mom and sister arrived just in time for us to get seated. We each got something different so we could share a few bites. Of course I would order the dirty hippy pizza. It was so colorful and amazing. My favorite part was the dough. It was really fresh.
Dirty Hippy Pizza by 11 Central

The restaurants slogan seems to be, Gather, Eat, Be Merry. This is just what we did. It felt really cozy and we had such a great time. I was pleased that my mom and sister enjoyed my choice. The service was really nice too. She would wipe the table down in between courses and even offered to take a picture of us girls.

Vodka Gimlet at 11 Central
As far as pricing goes, it is on the expensive side, but you are paying for fresh, local, quality ingredients, a charming atmosphere and really delightful service. I'm glad I got to share the experience with the 2 ladies that I love most in this world. I'm also glad I didn't try this place when it first opened. I heard mixed reviews, but I feel like places need a chance to get off their feet a little before you can be called a success. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cool spot for a great meal.

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