Friday, June 14, 2013

* Flow * Foundation * Flair * with Hoopalicious

"I used to be anti tricks." Anah, aka Hoopalicious, sits in a circle with New England hoopers eager to learn her magic. She explains to us that when hooping became more about the "tricks" and less about the enjoyment, it frustrated her. Hoopers were all about the fancy tricks and getting away from the meditative components their hoop offered.She reminds us to take time during each practice to center ourselves. She had us waist hoop with our eyes shut for a warm up. This brought me back into my circle, cleared my mind and got me ready to absorb.

Anah held a 3 day workshop in Union, Maine. I took part in Sunday's 3 hour session. To get things going she had us start at one of the gym and hoop our way to the other end, each time having us do something different and challenging; hooping real fast, hooping real slow, Cris-crossing paths, and dancing our way over to the other side.

"drunks vs. hoopers" exercise!
We practiced various techniques like the pizza toss and shredded pops (I love silly names for hoop tricks!) She did an incredible job at breaking down each of the moves for us. There is something special about a teacher that can be in a room full of students, and be able to look at each of us in a unique way. From a distance, she could spot where we were having difficulty and make suggestions as to what we can do to improve.


Everyone takes away different components from a hoop workshop. My experience was really refreshing. It helps me to break through these temporary plateaus that I will hit sometimes. I'm so grateful to be able to learn from some of the most incredible people. 

Anah's energy was fantastic. She has been essential to the development of modern hoop dance and a pioneer in spreading the joy that hula hooping brings so many of us today. To purchase one of her Hoop DVDs or to learn more about a retreat coming near you, visit her website.

To learn more about future workshops coming to Maine, visit HoopMe on facebook!

Special Thanks to Christina of Burning Desire Hoops & More for the photographs! Ellsworth/Bar Harbor area hoopers: Be sure to check into a class or hoop jam with her!

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