Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Where will HGLH be next?

Awesomeness all around.

I went to business after hours hosted by the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce. It was a little difficult being at an event with 750+ people all by myself. But I do these things to build my character. Putting yourself in tough situations makes you stronger. Getting out of my shell has been a great blessing in my life. I'm still a shy person at heart, but I think being able to put yourself out there is important.

I did get to talk to lots of people in the community and hand out some business cards. Talked with a professional magician that has been performing for over 20 years. After the event, I wandered across the street to the pub for a gin and tonic. Sat at the bar with a bunch of older guys, gave out some of my cards. The beard picked me up and we went out for more drinks. It was a really great night out on the town.

Yesterday a hooper friend of mine met up with me downtown for some spin jam fun. We are teaming up this Friday to teach hoops to 40 girl scouts! We talked a bit about what we're gonna teach and share...did lots of hooping to live marching band music and had some drinks at the pub.

Tomorrow: Travis Cyr is playing in Pickering Square before the Sting concert on the waterfront. I will be downtown spinning my hoops and hanging out some business cards. Look for the hooping lady in the purple wig!


Be sure to check out Hippy Go Lucky Hoops on Facebook. Check out the event page for Hippy Go Lucky Hoops at Arootsakoostik Music Festival. I've been invited to be a vendor and sell my hoops as well as give mini lessons! I am planning on working out a schedule right now...but I plan to have half hour lessons, a free hoop jam, as well as a performance in the welcome parade! I'm also excited to get some sweet henna done by Precision Tattoo and see a bunch of my friends that live in Northern Maine.

Also, I just launched my new column series for Go Girl Magazine titled, "Beats, Eats and The Streets." I kicked things off with an article about taking the plunge into festival season. I've been absent from Go Girl for a few months but it feels good to be back with a fresh new perspective on my travel writing, especially since I'm not on the road right now.

I want to hear from you! Drop me a line sometime. Share  your hoop stories with me. Peace & Love

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