Monday, April 22, 2013

Hoop Classes at the Bangor Y with Hippy Go Lucky Hoops!

100 Facebook "Likes"....approaching 4,000 card shopping...hoop making.....OH MY!! There are so many good things happening at hippy go lucky hoop headquarters (aka my house in the sticks.) There are so many creative ideas flowing through my head..I'm crediting the Spring Weather. Man, it feels GOOD to hoop OUTSIDE in that beautiful Sun!! Let it shine all over me!

I have been business card shopping and I am excited to say that I finally made some progress today in that department. Also, my spot at the Expo has been confirmed & I'm trying to prepare myself for my first official run as Hippy Go Lucky Hoops. I'm absolutely loving some of the new hoops I'm creating. Be sure to check out the sneak peak to my Spring Collection.

Hippy Go Lucky Hoops at the Bangor YMCA!

I am planning on teaching a class once a week at the YMCA on second street in Bangor. I've been busy organizing all of the details for this and I will announce the official information on my Facebook page as soon as it's final! The class will include: Hour long hoop sessions in a large studio with large mirrors, awesome sound system...intro to waist, chest, torso, arm & leg hooping. I will be teaching how to use the hoop for healing and meditative purposes as well as exercise. My goal is to have hoopers learn an entire hoop dance routine after several sessions of practice. I also plan to have guest instructors lead us in workshops. All levels of experience are encouraged to participate! It is surely going to be something great this Spring!

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