Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4,000 Views // Family Fun Day // Yoga // Buy Local!

Spring is shaping up to be a rejuvenating time for me. I started taking yoga classes again. I found  this awesome class on Saturday mornings that I can hit up before work at Central Street Yoga. It's a donation based class and all proceeds go to the Bangor Humane Society. The class is taught by teachers in training. There were 2 ladies leading the class and they would take turns leading the poses and walking around the studio to give instruction and help with posture. At the end when we were in corpse pose, they came around and stretched my arms, legs and gave me a mini massage on my head. It was so delightful.

I have taken a lot of yoga classes before, but I was so relaxed during this particular one. I found myself really taking my time with the movements and getting so deeply into it. I even noticed how much my breath had changed. For more information visit the studio's website.

The Family Fun Day // Vendor Expo // Community Yard Sale at the Bangor VFW was so much fun. First of all: That Maine sun is strong! I am so sun burnt. I totally spaced the sun screen and am severely paying the price. Other than that, the day was excellent. My set up was SWEET!! The beard hooked me up with an awesome banner than made it's debut at the expo. I also had awesome palm cards and business cards to hand out. I sold some hoop and had lots of inquires about lessons. The kids *and adults* loved the play hoops I had laying around.

A happy customer with a new set of mini hoops!

Medium to Large hoops!

*AWESOME* banner...I have the best people in my life that love & support me!

Hippy Go Lucky Hoops will be vending hoops all summer EVERY Friday at the Carmel Farmer's Market. Carmel is a nice drive outside of Bangor and will have lots of local foods and other crafters. I will have hoops for sale, with sample hoops for people to try and play. There will be a variety of specials each week, gifts with purchases, and more ideas are in the works.

Be sure to like the Carmel Farmers Market on Facebook for more...

I love what I do. When I began hula hooping a few years ago I never thought I would be able to do some of the things that I can do. I see a lot of people with hesitation to try the hoop in public, thinking that they can't do it. Sure...you will drop it a bunch of times before you get it right -- but taking that leap and giving it a spin is totally worth it because everyone can hoop! And I can help you get started!

Hippy Go Lucky Hoops offers:
*Children size/Mini hoops
*Medium/Large Hoops
*XL Hoops/Slow flow hula hoops: Great for those that are just getting started!

Private & Group lessons in a beautiful studio with large mirrors and sound system.
Classes include: Intro to waist, chest, torso, arm and leg hooping.
Using the hoop for meditative, and healing purposes as well as exercise.
It is my goal to have hoopers learn a hoop dance routine after several sessions, and feel confident, youthful, fun and sexy. Everyone can hoop. Guys, girls, kids, adults, all shapes and sizes.

I can customize each experience; hoop making/hooping parties, performances and demos. For more, please contact me via email or facebook.

Lastly, my blog has reached 4,000+ views. I am getting very close to launching some kind of giveaway or contest...still not exactly sure how to approach this kind of things. I will also need some street team action. Stay tuned for details.

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