Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Exciting news!!!

Hey hoopers!!! I'm pleased to announce that Hippy Go Lucky Hoops will be hosting the VERY FIRST indoor hoop jam at the new COESPACE downtown!! This Sunday from 12-2pm the hooping community will gather and spin. All props and flow artists are welcome!! Lets create, inspire, share and learn!! I am so excited to be making this happen. I met with the owners of Coespace today to make the payment and sign all the paperwork. They are going to help me promote the event. I've also been networking with a few other awesome ladies in the community to help me get the word out. I am feeling SO good about this!!

This first jam will basically be an open house style, with donations accepted. I want to gauge the response and interest of hoopers in the community and if it seems to be a hit then I will most definitely be making this a monthly or bi-weekly thing. And then once the weather starts to warm up we can take it to the parks around Bangor. We'll see how it goes! I hope people come! Eeeeee!!!

Life has been crazy busy all month, hence the lack of posts. I work 7 days a week at the moment, which is pretty nuts, but I honestly like keeping busy and the money needs to keep coming in so I can stay afloat.

Today I only had to work my day job at the paper and I actually had the night off from Noodles. So after I left the office I blew off some steam at the gym for a good hour and then picked up some things to make chicken parm. It game out sooo good. And now I'm just quickly updating the blog and creating some more digital art to promote my event.

I want to end with my new favorite Jam: New Alphabet by EELS

Turn it up. Grab a hoop. Let go.

Peace, love and hoops!!!

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