Tuesday, December 25, 2012

hoopy holidaze

I'll be home for Christmas...
This year I thought about how lucky I am to have the time off to come home for Christmas. I was thinking about the people that have to work on holidays. I had the people that work at Irving in mind in particular. I always stop at Irving when I am traveling home. This year I made an extra batch of cookies to drop off on my way home. The ride from Fort Kent to Hermon on Route 11 is pretty long, and even dangerous. I'm grateful for these stops in between.

Christmas rocked.My Mom made a kick ass prime rib. The night before we all crowded into my Memere's small apartment for our first Christmas eve dinner in her new place. She cooked up a BUNCH of awesome food. She's 80 years old and she still likes to cook and serve and clean up after all of us. That was the best part of this year.

I took a day trip to the Allagash. I wanted to show Gary, and I haven't been since high school. REALLY wished we brought snow shoes, but next time. Saw two deer. Did some hula hooping photos. Such a beautiful spot.

Hoop pit stop at Two Rivers Cafe in Allagash

Other highlights: A trip to China Garden for scorpion bowls and a pupu platter. New Digital Camera & GPS for Christmas, as well as some other cool things. and of course, visiting with cool friends.
'What ever floats your boat. Even if it is flavored water.' - Nikki Pinette, body piercing at Precision Tattoo

I feel really excited about a new year. I have been shifting some things around..trying to prepare myself for some changes.

I plan on doing some product reviews about some of the gifts I got soon.

Peace, love and hoopy holidaze!!!!!!! 

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