Sunday, December 23, 2012

anyone that inspires you to focus on all that is sweet and right in your world is a keeper

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One of the best parts of your journey in life is the people you will meet. The people that inspire you.
I met Steph my sophomore year at Orono. We shared a house on main street. The first time I ever saw Steph she was tinkering around with her tools. Her door was always open. She recycled. She had an apartment full of plants. She digs around in the dirt and produces beautiful results.
She is someone that I have watched grow and I admire all of her many talents.
When she isn't workin' the dirt, she is usually crafting something. I've seen her make shirts, bags, head bands, hoops, and my personal fave: a tiny corduroy jacket for a friend's chihuahua. I wish I had a picture of that.

I asked her for earrings for some Christmas gifts. I didn't buy many presents this year, but I wanted the things I was giving to be locally made. What's better than putting some cash into the hands of someone I know that will continue to create and inspire?
I love the feather earrings. They add a gorgeous pop of color and spice up any outfit. The purpre pair that I wore to work got a butt load of compliments. I have to wear all black at the Sea Dog so they really stood out.
I feel like 2013 means standing out. I want to be different and set myself apart. I plan to work on embracing my quirks.
She also sent some bottle cap earrings. She has a little of everything; Stella Artois, Blue Moon, Shock Top (sold out), Sea Dog Blue Paw, Woodchuck, Angry Orchard, Carona, Miller, Sam Adams Summer, Grittys, Pabst, and Goya. She can make any out of stock merch or other caps upon request at $6 bucks a pop.

Anyone interested can email me:



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