Monday, October 1, 2012

I just realized the American Dream & nothin' is what it seems -M

Sometimes, all there is left to do is hold yourself accountable. In the amount of time it takes to try and find someone/something to pin the blame on, you could just as easily accept for misfortune, and move on. I read in a quote in a Chinese proverb book the other week that said something along the lines of, To fall is not to fail, to fail is not getting back up.

It helps to remember that I am simply just a kid doing the best I can. The small things in life are where we can find much pleasure, and it is easy to forget that.

Looking back to my years in high school, around '06 and '07, everyone was selling me this idea that if you go to college you will be successful. I was sold the dream, I bought the dream and now I am finding that it is nothing remotely close.

I think having a focus is what is important. I am someone that has many passions and could probably be happy doing several things as a career. But I am trying to focus my energy on making these passions part of my reality. In the mean time I picked up a second job as a banquet server at the Sea Dog Brew Pub.

I joined the YMCA last week as well. So far I am loving it. They offer a great rate and all of the exercise classes are included in the membership cost. Tomorrow I am hoping to pull myself out of bed early enough to make it to 8am gentle yoga. I've been wanting to get back into it for a while now and I am so glad I finally got the motivational push from somewhere.

I've got an exciting announcement coming up later this month...stay tuned!

Happy October,

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