Sunday, July 8, 2012

get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute

I'm here to report that I survived my first day of work in the "Real World." Pulled myself away from bed around 6:45. Wanted to attempt to make myself look professional, and also have time to eat breakfast. I'd say the latter was more successful. The morning commute wasn't too bad. Traffic coming into Bangor from out here in Hermon was very light, and I only felt like a slave to the traffic light a few times on main street. At the risk of speaking too soon, I will say I think I am going to like this job.

It's funny being the new kid again, and it's always interesting to me to see how you can go about breaking in new people. My neighbors for instance; do they want to know who I am on a first name basis or would they rather just stay strangers? What is the correct way to approach the situation without being overly friendly? I guess the best way is just to read them first, and try to determine if they want you to approach them simply by their body language. I am a firm believer that it is good to know your neighbor. I only bring this up because I was outside hula hooping in my yard, which is just a strange activity for a 23 year old to be doing anyway, but my neighbor came out to her car for something and I wanted to introduce myself and the hoops. She didn't acknowledge me so I just left it alone.

I should have been an anthropologist.

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