Friday, June 29, 2012

I am finally coming alive, and it seems the ghost is moving on - kid cudi

sometime you find inspiration in the oddest places..but remember that it is important to pay attention to everyone. and everything. especially those with a rare skill. never laugh at them. never judge. just ask questions and pay attention. and don't forget to l.i.s.t.e.n.

Hooped like mad today in my yard. things got really muddy because of all the rain we've been getting. so i kicked off my flip flops and just jammed out and worked on some new tricks. i'm stuck on a couple of cool moves, but i know with some more practice i can stick it. i absolutely cannot wait for arootsakoostik next week up in the county! i'll be vending hoops and dancing all around and letting people play. it should be a good time. i love to see things like this thriving in northern Maine. i love any chance to spread the hoop love. plus i get to visit my awesome parents! check out my latest practice video here ... & here ... what can i say? i'm ridiculous.

On another note, I wanted to mention that I formally accepted a new job working for a local paper. i went in yesterday and made everything official. I will be selling advertising space to local businesses in the greater Bangor area. I'm really excited for the new skills this job is going to teach me, and even more excited for a chance to contribute some writing to the paper. Who knows where this job could lead me to. I know it won't exactly be easy, but I am totally up for the challenge and can't wait to learn something new. I start next week. I'm feelin like a real grown up! With my own work email, business cards and even weekends off!!

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