Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't mess with Texas

Austin, Texas, you had me thoroughly amused!!

We stayed at the Omni hotel right downtown and we were in perfect distance to my favorite spot in the whole town: 6th street. There was lots going on here, live music, bars, places to eat and shop, and all kinds of characters walking around. We had some amazing food at the Iron Cactus and played some fuse ball the first night in town. The next day we did some shopping at this huge outlet mall in San Marcos. Had my first steak from Ruth's Chris and I am hoping it won't be the last. Our waitress was really cool and we found out that she was driving to Texas up to Oregon, so we talked about our trips a little bit.

We stayed another night and from Austin we headed to Pj's cozy little town of Kerriville. It was awesome, and I think we especially liked it because it wasn't so flat like most of texas, it had some cute little hills and small mountains. We got to meet some of Pj's friends and we all went out for sushi and hibachi. I had a really nice time staying in Kerriville. We stayed at this really cool ranch style hotel. I said goodbye to my Mom, Dad, Pj and Kerriville and took off for Amarillo, the halfway point to Chanda. It was SO great to be able to see my parents and brother on this trip.

I stayed the night at one of the KOA campgrounds. This was my first time sleeping in the car on this trip, but it wasn't too bad. When I arrived at the site there was this cute cat that apparently had been left there and the lady at the desk was trying to find a home for it. I almost took him but really decided against it. But we hung out at my campsite for a little while before he scampered off. I went into town and stopped at Tacos Garcia to wet my whistle and fill my belly. I had some AMAZING food over there and had the time of my life hanging out with some locals and the bartender, Katie (liz lemon's alter ego). Katie was servin up some homemade shots that tasted like blue power ade...yummy. The locals all told me I had to try a dos equis with salt on the rim and a lime, and it came in this HUGE drinking glass, I can't remember what they were calling it up it was tasty. If you're ever in Amarillo, stop in and visit this place, it was fantastic and I had such a great time. I eventually headed to my campsite and crashed out for the night before rising with the sun, only to realize I need 4 more hours of sleep. Once I had some breakfast I took off for Aurora, CO...and here I am! So far I am loooving it here. The drive from Amarillo to Aurora was probably one of the most beautiful drives I have taken so far. It was cool to go from flat texas with all the wind farms to coming up into the Rocky Mountains. I am preparing for a ridiculous weekend of shenanigans...and also considering my next stop from here. I'm about 17 hours from my destination in Cali so I've got some time to play around in between. Wooo!! Take a leap of faith sometime, you won't regret it...peace & love.

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