Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life elevated

Okay! So let me try to recap the last few days.

Colorado....completely amazing. I have to say that these last few days of driving have been some of the most breath taking days of my life. The mountains are SO big and beautiful. Denver was crazy. I stayed in Aurora, right outside of the city. This city is very busy with traffic and lots of cars trying to all get around.

We spent an entire day at Washington Park, close to downtown Denver. This place is basically Spring Break without any beaches. There were dozens of volleyball nets set up and kids all camped out for the day with tents, grills, music, games, and of course, drinks. Lots of drinks. The park was really nice and big with a pond at each end. Brought some hoops with us and had some fun teaching and sharing tricks. In Chanda's apartment complex there was a big pool and a hot tub so when we got back that night we took advantage of that.

We had some lunch at Sam's No. 3, which was featured on the Food Network's Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Afterwards we spent the afternoon walking around downtown. Denver is definitely a progressive little spot. It seemed everywhere you went there was a different Medical Marijuana dispensary or advertisement for it. I heard a commercial for an app on your phone that allows you to take a picture of a strand of marijuana and it will "lead you directly to the dealer."

After leaving Denver early on Monday morning I set out west to Grand Junction, where I camped at a KOA for the night. I stopped and checked out the Colorado River national park and then I went downtown to happy hour at the Blue Moon brew pub. I started with a blue moon, of course. Then I switched to a brew made locally in palisade called Dirty Hippie. it was very refreshing with Chocolate and Caramel malts that created perfect balance between a light and dark beer. The brewers recommend serving it with an orange, and it was perfect.

Then before I left I had to try something caught my eye. There were these cool little copper mugs and I asked what was served in those. The bartender mixed me up a "Moscow Mule." Now, I've had one of this at Woodman's in Orono, ME before, and it was awesome. But this was one so cool because of the mug. He used gin instead of vodka, ginger beer, and squeezed in a lime. I was told by a local that the copped activates the flavor of the lime. It was perfect and cold, which was what I needed as it was 88 degrees when I arrived at camp. I sat and hung out until the sun went down, when it was finally cool enough to go back to camp.

Got up and showered the next morning and took off for Utah. Made a stop at Arches national park, and arrived at my campsite in Cedar City Utah around 8:30pm. I am currently at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. I am SO excited to be in vegas, but this is not exactly the best place to experience alone. I have a sick view of the pool and hot tub. Its almost dinner time here so I'm going to venture out later and figure out whats good around here. I will upload pictures of Arches National Park in my next post. It is free for all national parks this week so I wish I had time to check out Zion while I was in Utah, but I am making my way to cali- FINALLY!!! I have so much more to say but I will cut this post here for the sake of writing a book. Cheers!!

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