Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Orleans - Aransas Pass

I got to spend Easter in new orleans. I wasn't sure what to expect being there on easter sunday, but it was actually awesome. I stayed at the St. James hotel. It was really charming and really close to bourbon street. Sam picked me up and drove me all around the city and gave me a little tour. Afterwards we got out and walked around Bourbon Street. It was perfect because it wasn't too crowded or chaotic but it was still plenty of fun. Got to try a famous grenade drink.
Got some quick dinner, tried a local brew with our meals and it was yummy. Some kind of strawberry ale. Tried some Jambalya, gumbo and a bit of Sam's po boy. Good stuff. Sam took me to the famous Pat Obrien's piano bar and I had a blast. We requested songs and Sam bought me another drink, but after the grenade and the beer I was already feelin a little tipsy. Ultimately, it was the greatest experience. I love Nola and plan to go back because 1 day was NOT enough time for sure. I love bourbon street, the energy is terrific.
After New Orleans I had a looonggg drive to my next destination in Aransas Pass, TX. I can't really wrap my head around this town. It's interesting, something I'm not exactly used to. It's right on the coast and it's really pretty. I went to Corpus Christi beach one afternoon. I've been chilling in my hotel a lot. I feel like I'm the only one here. I hardly see anyone beside the front desk lady, (my bff Deb. she's sweet.) It's kind of cool, I get the whole pool area to myself mostly. I think I might go sit in the hot tub later. I'm heading out tomorrow, driving 4 hours up to Austin where i FINALLY get to see my Mom and Dad who are flying in from Maine and my brother PJ. I'm excited to have some company, these last couple of days have been sort of lonely. Last night I had a serious, intense conversation with myself..which was actually kind of nice. Until next time! Peace & love.

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