Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I made it cross country!!

I had an ultimate blast in Vegas…the largest playground in America for grown adults. It was really cool driving in from the desert. It was almost kind of eerie, because there is literally nothing around for 100s of miles, and then all of a sudden you creep up into this city of sin.

I stayed for two nights at the Imperial Palace, right in the middle of the strip. I got a GREAT deal on my room. I paid less than $80 for two nights, plus free parking. It wasn’t the nicest place by some people’s standards, but I thought it was great for somebody who has never been to Vegas before and was looking for a comfortable, cheap place to stay. The hotel had everything you needed; multiple casinos, bars, restaurants, oxygen bar, gift shops, spas. I loved walking around the strip and seeing all the crazy characters roaming around. Everyone was really friendly and happy, obviously! You could walk around with drinks from place to place, so much gambling and a really crazy night life. I will FOR SURE be going back to Vegas, but this time I would like to go with at least one other person. This was probably the one place I really did not want to be alone, but none the less I still had an absolute blast. I had an amazing view of the pool from my room. I spent a few hours out at the hot tub one afternoon and ended up talking to this guy from Peabody, MA. He was probably around my parent’s age, but we basically had the same life. He was also a political scientist and he gave me a lot of really good advice about figuring out what I want to do in the future. He had a few recommendations as to what I could do to make money, but more importantly he told me, “Remember the artist in you. She’s in there somewhere. Make sure you get a job that allows you some freedom.” He was summing up my life right in before my eyes and I didn’t even have to tell him anything about myself. We talked about music festivals like Coachella, and come to find out he had been going to burning man for a few years. I love conversations with strangers. I feel refreshed and with a new perspective every time.

On my last morning in Vegas I packed up and hit the road en route to California. I drove through the Mojave Desert, which was actually really beautiful. When I arrived across the border into Cali I was shouting and crying all at the same time, “I MADE IT TO CALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “I’M IN CALIFORNIA!!!!!” It was such an epic feeling for me. I felt so accomplished that I had finally made in cross country. I have been staying in Oxnard with Greg for the past week and a half and don’t know what my next move is. I’ve just been really enjoying the weather and his pool and hot tub. We’ve been going out playing pool and exploring the beaches. I love Cali, I really feel like I belong here. It’s expensive to live here though, and was told that you ‘re basically paying for the weather. Not sure where my travels will take me next, but stay tuned! Peace & love, C.

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