Saturday, April 7, 2012

keep asheville weird

Okay, so I have LOTS to say about Asheville.

I don't even really know where to begin or how to even put into words how this little city tucked away in the mountains of Western North Carolina made me feel. Upon arriving downtown to meet up with Katie, I instantly felt good energy from this place. I hop out of my car, parked right across from the Orange Peel, and the town was so vibrant and alive.

It was a Saturday night, so the town was bustling with bar hoppers, shoppers and people looking for good eats. There was a drum circle off on one of the side streets and another corner had someone playing beautiful sax. I found a bar to sit and wait for katie, where she met me and we had beers some food. Asheville has been voted beer city USA three years in a row. There are at least 10 and counting micro breweries in town with a wide variety of different beers to choose from. I got to try my fair share, and Katie had me drinking dark beer, which I now think I am a huge fan of. Anything with a funny name I wanted to try; hempseed ale, sweetwater 420, green man, oatmeal stout, gaelic ale, are just a few from my memory that I got to try. If you are a beer lover PLEASE VISIT THIS PLACE. you will love it. and probably never want to leave, just like me.

 I spent the week living in Katie's house, with her wonderful roommates Blake and Megan. Again, these people opened up their home to me and made me feel so welcomed. I spent a lot of time downtown while katie was in class. I would just go and bring a book and my journal and sit downtown people watching, or popping into some of the eclectic shops and trying a few brews here and there. Lots of tasty eats in this town. Tupelo Honey Cafe was one place I got to try and it was AMAZING. Constantly busy. The hostess told me there is usually a 2 hour wait during rush time. People all over town were talking about this place, I could hear tourists walking by me talking about trying to find the THC. Delicious traditional southern food with a modern twist of sorts. They also served moonshine cosmos. How freakin COOL!! I did get to try some Moonshine Katie randomly had in her freezer. It was great. Burned the WHOLE way down, but gives a nice instant warm buzzed feeling, and a little goes a long way.

I got to check out the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of the BEST drives in America I believe. It was beautiful. Did some hiking around different trails, got a few cool pictures. It was very invigorating. The mountain ridges hug the town perfectly.

There were a couple great thunder storms that I got to watch at Katie's. It rained almost every day, but just got a little bit in the middle of the day and then it would clear up and the sun would come out. It's just enough to keep everything green, beautiful and plentiful.

This is a town known for attracting wandering souls. Many of them don't leave, and end up making a home for themselves. I asked one kid that I met what brought him to Asheville, expecting school or work to be the answer. But rather he said he heard the town had the most beautiful bohemian women in the country and he could live out of his toyota truck and be king and seven years later here he is, at home in Asheville.

There is so much to say about this place, the people and the things it holds. I truly loved it and got really teary eyed when it came time to hit the road today. Asheville brings out a feeling in you, a simple, yet happy feeling.

Another great thing about this town is that everyone is very driven to support the local economy. Often times you will walk into a restaurant or shop that is displaying local art work, or local brews or food, local jewelry, clothing, music, etc. They seem to do a good job at that. It's a great attitude to have. What a thriving, beautiful place.

I really am in awe. right now I'm in Atlanta, GA for the night...from here, I'm really not sure what is next for the week until I get to Austin.

thank you north carolina, i think you truly changed me. peace & love.

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