Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Most of us would rather claim to have always been perfect than admit how much we've grown.."

I've been in Raleigh, NC for the past week and plan to be here until Saturday. Raleigh is great. It is a BEAUTIFUL, bustling place for professionals and people with money. North Raleigh, where my childhood friend Heather lives, is incredible. It reminds me a lot of Maine, with a much warmer climate. It is very green and beautiful and everyone I have met so far is VERY proud to be a North Carolinian. I met a kid with the outline of the state inked to his forearm, and he told me this is "the best state in the union." Another kid I met, told me in his southern drawl that, "the good lord doesn't bless everyone with this accent." People here are very proud, as they should be. It's a gorgeous place. And the southern hospitality is everywhere. It's the little things that don't go unnoticed.

My friend Heather's place is so stunning. And what she pays for it is even more shocking. There is NOTHING like this in Maine. I remember being in Orono and thinking Orchard Trails was a palace. This place makes that look like a dump! The condos are huge and brand new, and it looks as though everyone has a little patio. There are charcoal grills that we have access to and took advantage of that the other night and grilled some steaks. There is also a pool with lounge chairs, a gym, and laundry facilities. If I had the money I would bring this type of living to Portland, ME. Although it is nice because of the climate, things like energy and snow removal aren't as expensive as they are in Maine.

Heather has a kick ass job as a party planner for one of the clubs downtown. She is perfect for the job and she loves it. I didn't even think jobs like that existed, but they do!! She actually just booked a big event while I'm here. She works a lot but I've been very cozy in her apartment. I read a whole book yesterday, "If I am Missing or Dead" by Janine Latus. It had be sobbing by the end of it.

 I also explored the museums of history and science in downtown Raleigh. They are considered the "Smithsonian's of the south.." because they are free to the public. Walked around downtown, stopped into my friend's work and had a beer. Very cool atmosphere with a big beautiful bar. I want it.

 So after Raleigh I am off to Asheville, NC, about 4 hours west of here. I am excited for the drive because I get to go right through the Smokey mountains. I've heard great things about Asheville and some of the locals around here have told me I will "fit right the hell in." Tonight I am meeting up with the lovely Jamie Pelletier and we are going to eat at a Fondu place. Until next time...peace & love

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