Sunday, November 23, 2014

Umami Noodle Bar

Yum! The newest spot to hit downtown Bangor is delicious. To my might even be a new favorite. My sister and I have already been a couple of times and we both love it. We're both Noodle Bowl fans so we had hopes it would be stellar.

The thing I love about it is the simple menu. At first I thought there wasn't enough choices, but the combinations are seemingly endless. Here's what you do when you get to the counter to place your order:

Step 1 Pick your broth
Step 2 Pick your protein
Step 3 Pick your noodle
Step 4 Optional add ons

& Viola! A delicious flavor combination created by you for you! Consumers love choices, and it's a pretty straightforward ordering process. They serve beer and wine in the dining room but they also have a lounge that I have yet to check out, but stay tuned- I plan to! The bowls are a perfect size and very satisfyingly packed with fresh ingredients. The atmosphere is really chill too. We went once for dinner and once for lunch- the lunch rush was pretty busy. I'm hoping they open up another register to move the line along a little faster and have more than 1 person running soup bowls out to the customers. The staff did absolutely great though, they kept up with the pace really well.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook because I think they have regular specials that aren't on the actual menu. Let me know what you think! 

Here's my pick: beef broth with sliced beef, rice noodles and I added broccoli, snow peas and bamboo shoots. It's a dollar up charge for each add on and some of the noodles are an additional charge as well, so I would go easy, it can add up quick. They also top it with beansprouts and scallions automatically. I think this soup bowl was about $10. 

Don't forget to shop and eat local when you can! Enjoy!

Have you checked out Umani yet? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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