Monday, August 25, 2014

goodbye my almost summer

I'm sad [but honest] to say that my summer went by in the blink of an eye..recapping is hard because I feel like everything was really so rushed and quick! Starting a new job in May meant cramming my summer into the weekends & neglecting my blog...on accident! So this is my goodbye to a summer that I feel like didn't really happen....

~My sister also started out on a new path this summer. She graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor's degree. She's a teller at a bank and started the exact same week I started at the Shelter! I'm incredibly grateful that she is still around me and I dread the day that the future might separate us!

~I was fortunate enough to experience some awesome music this summer. I saw my longtime favorite Dave Matthews Band with a free upgrade to the pit for a close up. Since I spent my concert budget on my dmb ticket, I decided to tailgate a little bit...but I managed to score seats at Willie Nelson, courtesy of the beard's boss!

~The hoops are another thing that took a backseat to my new job as well. But I actually pushed myself a little bit this summer into learning some new things. I finally nailed my behind the back elbow pass after all this time of trying!

~Having the chance to perform again was also really reviving. The Pride Art Walk in Bangor was a really cool event to be a part of. Meeting Michelle and being a part of her story was really meaningful to me. I would highly recommend checking out the trailer to the documentary -Three Days to See - filmmakers are making about an incredible young person on this really incredible journey right here in Bangor. To read more my performance, check out my pride art walk post.

~Not only am I saying goodbye to Summer, but I am also saying a goodbye [more like see ya later] to my very good friend Amy. We worked banquets at Sea Dog together in 2012 (How did two years go by SO FAST!) and she was a friend that instantly clicked. I loved working with her and we always talked about opening our own restaurant & our passion for food [...and hoops...] brought us together. She took a job as a guidance counselor. She's still in Maine and really not that far from me, but sporadic get togethers/hoop sessions will be less frequent. She will be so amazing at her new job and I'm so excited for her though!

~I'll end by saying; no I don't think summer is over just yet but fall is on the horizon and days are getting shorter. But I'm actually excited to move forward and see what is next.

-Hippy Go Lucky Hoops
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