Sunday, February 16, 2014

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

Good morning from my kitchen! I re-upped on my duck egg supply, thanks to Michelle for hook up with fresh eggs! This morning I used thick slices of this spicy chipotle bread and made french toast, and a veggie omelette on the side. Interestingly enough -- it worked! Oh - and a batch of bloody marys ....of course!!

Large Duck Egg vs. Chicken Egg from Supermarket:

yolk comparison

I beat the eggs together and added a bit of milk.
Grabbed what was left of my spinach, some chopped mushrooms, garlic and a mixture of flax & hemp seeds. The yolk is so thick and resembles a heavy batter. The color of the yolk is almost slightly more orange.

I used some coconut oil to prepare the pan, and was surprised to see how little of the oil I actually needed to use. I use non-stick pans also, which helps a lot, but the coconut oil was perfect for this giant omelet that flipped like a champ. If I tasted the coconut flavor, it was only the slightest hint, if at all.

We split the eggs and some french toast. I topped mine with banana peppers and my favorite thai chili sauce and a dash of tobasco, i like it spicy. it was incredible! i forgot about the seeds and the first bite was a little weird but once I remembered they were there that slight crunch that they give made sense to my brain. the seeds seem to help keep me feeling full and less hungry throughout the day. perhaps? maybe? all in my head? i don't know.

Loved this french toast! Had no idea if the spicy combo would work with the sweetness of the cinnamon and the syrup, but it just did. I didn't taste too much spice. The crusty bread really help up against the thick egg yolk batter like concoction and fried very nicely in my non-stick. :)

When I was younger I made up this awesome super bowl snack time appetizer called pickle cheese chomp. This morning *ahem I mean, afternoon. It was brunch, i swear.* I fused my pickle cheese chomp with my love of bloody marys. it was missing a few things in my option but ultimately it was 5 star in my book!! i can't wait to actually tweak this a bit. chomp!!

The day ended up being a slight adventure. I had read that it was free to enter Acadia National Park all weekend in honor of president's day. Even though post of the park is closed down (and ALL of Bar Harbor is boarded up and shut down...) we still got to check out a few nice views of the ocean. I was in much need of some inspiration. I just hope I didn't catch a cold finally because of the wind near the coast.

It was a super sunday. now I'm hunkering down with the blog and getting some writing done. oh and pit bull snuggles. it's the babies 3rd birthday today and she's getting fixed Tuesday so she's getting extra spoiled lovins.

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