Saturday, August 3, 2013

#99 - Big things happening

Hooping on Fox News
Huge highlight in my hooping journey. I can't even believe it! It all came about so organically. One of my students told me she was filmed on the news in a belly dancing class she attended. She told me I should shout out to the anchors letting them know about my class. When I sent the Email, I was put in touch with the right people. Kristin Hosfelt wanted to do a segment with me about Hoop Dance.

I've never been on the news before and I was nervous, but I am surprised at how natural the whole thing felt! Normally before I do something big (i.e. my cross country road trip...get my motorcycle license) I get huge butterflies. The kind that knock around in your stomach and make you feel sick. But This was different. I was really excited and confident. I didn't know what to expect but the whole thing ran like clockwork. The anchors were great; Kristin and Clay gave it a spin and had me laughing with their enthusiasm and jokes. (Kristin was a natural!)


New Consignment Deals

In addition to Greenbear 420 in Newport, my hoops are also available at Metropolitan Soul in downtown Bangor & Between Friends gift shop in Brewer. All of these stores are full of amazing little gems. Check them out!


I am really excited to share that I am officially part of the team as a columnist. The creators are based out of L.A. & this website is dedicated to all things hoopy and has tons of contributors that all share different experiences and perspectives. My first piece was inspired by the Phish concert last month. It's dedicated to hooping in large crowds and tight spaces. I had a lot of fun writing this and look forward to doing more.

Coming up next...
My next post will be #100. To celebrate I am planning my FIRST giveaway on Facebook. I will plan to announce the winner on my 100th blog entry. Be sure to keep your eyes out for this! I'm going to pick something cool to giveaway to one random winner. Probably wont be a hoop, but something small that I can ship easily if the person is not local.

Also coming up: I've been cooking up some yummmmies lately and plan to post some foodie stuff. Hint: a twist on turkey burgers, a curry stir fry & a little something I cooked up with my AWESOME new fondue set that I scored at a yard sale.

KahBang Music and Art Festival is happening next week! Although I'm not vending hoops at this, I will totally be there hooping..and probably with lots of other hoopers! It's going to be a magical couple of days in my city. Can I just say that I am having an amazing summer?! For somebody that doesn't have much....I live a pretty awesome life. I get to ride my own motorcycle around the beautiful countryside of rural Maine, go to awesome live music, hula hoop, teach, spend time with the important people that I love, adopted the most cuddly puppy in the world......these are the things that matter.

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  1. So proud of you, Christina! You're living your dream! I love it! Keep up your hard work and it will only take your further! Much love! :)