Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hoop It Out! *Photo shoot, Farmer's Market Opening, YMCA & More!

Life has seemed to be non-stop busy for the last few weeks! I feel like I have tried to update my blog several times and just haven't had the time to muster up anything fancy. So here it goes, some quick updates:

*I did my first photo shoot EVER with DJ Photography. This kid is amazing. He was so fun to work with, he gave great input and we had a blast. I highly recommend him to anyone in the Hoop/Flow arts community looking for someone to take some high quality, professional pictures. I'm sure he'd charge you a decent price -- and he's a hooper too!! Here's a sneak peek at some of the photos:

Hat & Hoop: Hippy Go Lucky Hoops

Hat, Hoop & Shirt: HGLH



 *My entire Spring Collection of Hula Hoops will be available for purchase at Greenbear 420 in Newport, Maine! Talk about a dream come true for me! Having MY hoops in an AWESOME retail store is something I've always wanted. The dude was really cool too, great to do business with. They have a little of everything: pipes, tobacco smoking devices, heady clothing, posters, art, seedless products, and more. Be sure to check them out on Facebook. They will be vending glass at a festival near you this summer for sure!

Hippy Go Lucky Hoops meets Greenbear!

Awesome Shop. Check them out!
*I recently attended a free seminar at the Bangor Business expo. The topic was about ways to grow a small business. The talk was presented by Sutherland & Weston Marketing Communications. They gave some excellent tips on how to really get to know what your customers want and need from you as a supplier. I was definitely the only hula hoop maker in the room, but I could still apply everything they were saying to my start up.

Elizabeth Sutherland fielding some questions during the seminar

Bangor business Expo

*I got my motorcycle license!! On a whim, I decided to take the 2 day course with Central Maine Harley Davidson. I was so nervous but it was actually a really fun, challenging and rewarding experience. I had 3 other people in my class and they were all really awesome and I'm so thankful I had cool people in the course with me to make it that much better. Our instructor was excellent and we all passed! I'll be buying the beards old bike and he'll put a down payment on a new one so we can ride together. Classy! Summer is going to be awesome!

*Tomorrow is opening day for the Carmel Farmer's Market! I finally put together my display. Let me tell you something: figuring out a way to creatively display hula hoops is a challenge! I will have pictures posted later so everyone can see what I came up with. I've been so busy cranking out some new hoops to bring to the market, since I just sold all of mine to Greenbear. I posted some photos of the new hoops (electric wildlife series debut!) on my facebook page. I'm excited to meet some people, teach mini lessons, and get the word out about HGLH!

Carmel Farmers Market
9am-1pm Carmel Snowmobile Club
Every Friday this summer!
*I did have a meeting with the Bangor YMCA last week. Starting sometime after June 1st I will be teaching a weekly group class in the studio downstairs. The class will be FREE for all YMCA members and there will be a small drop in fee for non-memebers. I will announce the date as soon as it is confirmed!

*Coming Soon!*
Guest posts about Hoop Convergence in North Carolina and a post about the 30/30 Hula Hoop Challenge.

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