Friday, April 12, 2013

A hermit, A farmer & a Hoop Jam *Beats, Eats and The Streets* With Hippy Go Lucky Hoops

Whoa. Crazy times in Maine. This morning I started following the 'North Pond Hermit' story. A man survived living in the central Maine wilderness for more years than I have been alive. what's to say about his story? I don't really feel as though i am anyone to judge this man. I do know that he committed theft to stay alive, stealing food and whatever gear he could manage. However, I believe something pretty profound is unfolding here. Sometimes, with the way the world is, do you ever think about just falling off the grid and not having any part in society's antics? I can honestly say that I certainly have at one point or another.

On a little lighter note, another story caught my attention this morning was from my favorite columnist for the BDN, Emily Burnham. She writes about Kyra Alex, owner and operator of Lily's House in Stonington, Maine. Several people have mentioned this place to me in the last week, and I now have an excuse to go visit this part of the state. Alex teaches cooking and sewing, as well as a host of other things.

Recently, I've had to reconsider a lot of the things I was eating on a daily basis. I am focusing more on learning about food and it's nutritional value, and how I can also make tasteful things that I will enjoy eating and preparing. I want to take a lesson from Alex soon and learn about farm fresh produce. For more, you can visit her blog.

Support one of my favorite Maine Hoop entrepreneurs by attending her jam in Gowen Park this Monday from 6:00-7:30 in Sanford, Maine. She is accepting donations to fund her trip to Hoop Convergence in North Carolina this Spring! It is quick and easy, and any amount helps! I'm actually unable to attend this event. I'm using my day off to travel north and visit my sick grandmother in the hospital. BUT that is why you should attend in my honor! And I'm sure there will be Fire and LED hooping -- you don't want to miss out!

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