Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hoop Workshops and Updates

Special thanks to HoopME for partaking in my first hooper of the month feature and for putting together this beautiful collage of snow hoopers around New England. Can you spot Hippy Go Lucky Hoops? See anyone you know?

Tomorrow will be the second hoop jam! You can find us a Valance Fitness and Pilates Studio at 128 Main Street in Bangor (Under Zen Asian Bistro!) As far as I know we are STILL on for tomorrow, despite the crappy weather. I will be sure to post updates if anything is cancelled on my twitter and facebook page.

**Don't forget Cael will be there giving away Dudes of Hooping Calendars!!**

Caterina Suttin Workshop: February 23rd
Ticket purchased and day off requested! In one week Caterina will be coming to Maine to teach a special workshop focused on breathing breaks and wonky planes. Tickets can be purchased via pay pal.

"This year Caterina will be doing a tour of the USA, before returning to her homeland in Argentina to go to circus school and to share the joy of the hoop with children in several orphanages."  -TourME

I'll be traveling to the workshop by myself as of right now, but it should be interesting to meet some new hoopers in the hoop community as well as reconnect with a few lovelies that I haven't seen since Maine Hoop Day in 2011. I feel as though this is JUST what my practice needs. I need something to push me to the next level and I can't wait to explore more with the hoop.

If you can't make it to this one, don't worry! There is plenty of other exciting events happening in the Maine Hoop Community. Perhaps check out the Floor Tour with Brecken or Hoop the World with Jaycee Gossett. I haven't purchased tickets yet, as I might have to pick and choose between events that I attend due to funds, but I will plan to post more about those in the future.

Rocking the hipster glasses at work.

In other exciting news: My first paid writing gig is set to go live on February 23rd! I am excited to be working toward my goal of becoming a freelance writer.

Valentine's day was a massacre at work. We were SO BUSY that when my sister stopped in to visit with me I put her to work busing tables and washing dishes. Thank god my family is so utterly cool and compassionate. I made cupcakes for everyone at work which was probably one of the few perks of the day.

Alright, I'm ready to sign out Happy hooping!

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