Wednesday, December 5, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

When my fabulous sister (aka my stylist) puts pretty curls in my hair

Finding pictures of hoopers in magazines while working out.

My Buddha collection

Getting paid to decorate Christmas trees at work

Making huuge roasts with red wine sauce for dinner that make my whole place smell yum

Making stuffed peppers. These bad boys have steak, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cheese!!

And this clear soup I made with broth, mushrooms and sliced celery

Today was a good day. I saw the sun for the first time in too long. The next few days are full of work work work but I am excited for Sunday (doing absolutely nothing but relaxing!!) Also, if everyone could check out this post I wrote for the Balance & Life blog on how to remain balanced while traveling..that would be very nice! I had a great time writing it and reflecting on my cross country trip. Happy hooping hoopsters!!!!

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